2020: The Vision Is Clear

A new decade, a new outlook.

A new day, A new week

It would be fair to say last year was an odd year. A lot has happened, some good, some unfortunately not so good. But life has a way of realigning you if you are willing to embrace the chaos.

Early in the year, I had the wonderful privilege of travelling through the United States. Not all of it though, just some common cities to see some popular landmarks. It’s definitely a place I would love to travel again. It might need a couple of trips though.

Towards the end of the year I was offered a full-time role with a local company. While it did not last as long as I would have liked, it was a great role with some really nice people. But it did highlight some areas I need to work on, both personally and professionally. Again, not a negative though. Every day is a learning experience if you are willing to change.

a new year, a new decade?

So, reflecting on the past year, and the past couple of years for the business, I realize I have drifted from where I wanted to be initially. I was not focused on the core services I wanted to offer, I forgot to reach out to my target audience, and I allowed myself to be distracted by the ever-changing requirements of clients rather than sticking to the agreed project plan. Scope creep is not just something that happens to a project, it can also happen to a business when left unchecked.

While I really enjoy building custom software and websites from the ground up, there are so many plugins and templates available today that it really should not take long to build a system with minimal changes. So with that thought, my focus is going to be on building systems quickly, efficiently and with staged completion early in the project. It is easy to say though, sometimes hard to deliver.

That is why I have started some business projects that I hope to extend to others soon. One is a template system with everything prebuilt, a plug-and-play system, that will allow companies to turn functionality on and off as they see fit.

The other projects are personal projects that will be used to demonstrate what the company will be able to provide you, the client. They will target online functionality that people use on a daily basis, the types of projects in the industries we have been asked to build systems for in the past. They will mainly be built to demonstrate the process, but if they provide a valuable service at the same time, then we will be really happy.

So this past year has not been a complete waste of time, just a reminder that the business was created to help other businesses. Unfortunately, we got distracted but have now refocused. We hope that with this new year, this new decade, that with each new day we can help you with your business and your IT requirements.

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