Ariv in Electric Style

GM has created an electric bike name Ariv

Fat bottomed girls, they'll be riding today

In an exciting announcement last November, General Motors revealed to the public about their intention of a new project or electric bicycles. The company even announced a crowdsourcing campaign to allow the public to come with a unique brand name for the product.

The company has now released the winner of the competition and also said that some select countries in Europe can now preorder this new electric bicycle. The name that won the competition is Ariv which is pronounced like “arrive”.  

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General Motors revealed that it will launch two products under the new brand name Ariv. The first one is a compact electric bike called Meld and the other product is called Merge which is a folding electric bicycle. Most of the features of these exciting new products are not yet announced by the company but some little important details have been released to the public.

According to General Motors, the bikes are equipped with motors that will be able to go up to 25 km/h which is equal to 15.5mph. The bikes will also have four levels of pedal-assisted power. The battery in these bikes can be fully charged within 3.5 hours and on a full charge, it will be able to give you 64 kilometers or 40 miles of riding time.

In the first phase of the project, the bikes will be launched in Belgium, Netherlands, and Germany. These are the countries in which lithium-ion battery powered bicycles are already very popular. The price of these bikes for Belgium and the Netherlands is $3200 for Ariv Meld and $3800 for Ariv Merge. However, the prices in Germany will be kept lower as compared to these. General Motors expects that it will start shipping these bikes to customers by the second quarter of this year. The bikes can be preordered from the website

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  • gm ariv electic bike

    Ariv in Electric Style

    GM has created an electric bike name Ariv.

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