Who is Sundar Pichai?

He is a business executive with one of the most important jobs in the world of technology: Google CEO.

sundar pichai google ceo

Why is Sundar Pichai a Titan of the Industries?

His diplomacy and team playing skills were already respected and well known. Coupled with his attitude towards prioritizing results and being incredibly humble, Sundararajan Pichai swiftly rose to fame and is now CEO of one of the most important companies in the world.

I'm feeling lucky!

Sundar came from a middle-class Indian family from Tamil Nadu and was born to a Senior Electrical Engineer and a Stenographer. He spent his childhood in a two-room apartment and shared a room with his brother. After completing high school, he pursued a degree in Metallurgical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. He happened to do so well in college that he was awarded a scholarship at Stanford University where he pursued an MS in Material Sciences and Engineering.

Sundar was always great with numbers and was known to have had several phone numbers memorized. He quickly established himself as a critical thinker when he joined Google back in 2004. One of the earliest things he worked on was the Google toolbar when he led the product management team. His innovative efforts helped with a lot of Google’s products like Gmail, Google Maps and he also had a major role to play in the making and success of Google Drive. Sundar Pichai was also the one who came up with the idea that Google should have their own browser.

After initial reluctance, he managed to convince the co-founders to launch Google’s own browser and the responsibility came to Sundar who delivered. Sundar set to work on making the best web browser and toiled hard for the cause until in 2008 Google officially launched their first web browser. 

Google Chrome instantly became popular and to date is one of the best and most used web browsers out there. With this feather in his cap and more to follow like Chrome OS for Chromebooks and Chromecast, Sundar became an overnight sensation. Several offers were made to him to leave Google by companies like Twitter but he stayed loyal. 

In 2012 Sundar was promoted to the position of Sr. Vice President of Chrome and apps which began his journey towards where he is today. Afterward he spearheaded projects like Android and Android One, the success of which got him promoted to Head of Products in 2014 and elevated his status to Larry Page’s Second-in-Command before eventually becoming CEO.

What can we learn from Sundar Pichai?

His competence, sheer diplomacy, and entrepreneurial skills, not to mention his excellent track record, are eventually what got him to be Google’s CEO. He identified areas in his business that could be improved on, and instead of just mentioning them, he willingly took on the role to help improve the business. 



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