The launch of Windows 95 was a significant date in our history as it strengthened Microsoft’s position in the market.

August 24, 1995

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The launch of Windows 95 by Microsoft on August 24th, 1995 is a significant date in tech history. The Windows 95 operating system was a sales success that introduced masses to a computer in general and particularly, the internet. It was a user-friendly operating system which is why it was so successful all over the world.

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One of the key features of this operating system was the Start button and it was heavily advertised by Microsoft too. The company even used Rolling Stone’s ‘Start me up’ in their advertisement but this wasn’t all that Microsoft had to offer in Windows 95.

Packed with features that we have become used to today, but in 1995 were awe-inspiring. At a time when large companies were unaware of the uses and benefits of the Internet and Microsoft bought just that into the home PC. ’95 was also the first operating system to introduce Plug and Play by allowing you to easily add more hardware devices to your personal computer, a task only computer specialists could complete at the time.

We were also introduced to Direct X and Direct 3D, giving a massive boost to PC gaming. Before these updates, it was impossible for Windows users to play complicated games without exiting the Windows and going to DOS. The only games previously available were simple ones like Solitaire but Windows 95 completely changed that. 

There is no doubt that Windows 95 changed the way in which personal computers were used at that time. It solidified its market both in the business world but also in personal computing, making it one of the most successful operating systems for Microsoft.

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