How Soon Can You Get Your Hands on a Quantum Computer?

Major tech companies are looking to break free from the limitations of traditional computing by providing quantum computers in the near future.

If we knew the unknown, the unknown wouldn't be unknown.

Traditional computers are restricted to the binary values of 1 and 0, allowing them to perform a limited number of tasks in a given time.

Quantum computing, however, transcends these boundaries by utilizing the essential elements of quantum mechanics which operates by simultaneously existing in different positions at the same time. Therefore, quantum bits or qubits increase the processing power of a computer tremendously by allowing it to operate in multiple states.

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Bring it back in one piece

Owing to this uncapped potential, major tech companies such as Google, IBM and a number of startups all over the world have joined the race to build the world’s most powerful computer. A few innovations in quantum computing have been launched for the public, however, they have failed to make a substantial impact.

IBM released a 5 qubits cloud storage service in 2016 and upgraded it to 20 and 50 qubits. Recently, IBM announced the release of the world’s first integrated quantum system, Q System One. The 9 feet glass box includes the components required to run a quantum system intended for scientific and commercial usage. This 20 qubits system can be accessed through the cloud only and IBM intends to make it available through the internet to researchers instead of selling it.

Although it is a major step towards revolutionizing technology, critics are skeptical of how useful Q One really is. Although it is not the cutting-edge device it is advertised to be, it is still a stepping stone towards a more practical and widely useful quantum computing system.

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