We all need that one person we can contact at any time, day or night, and ask the questions we are afraid to ask. Whether you need help formatting a document, creating a YouTube video, converting an Excel spreadsheet into a computer system, or the name of that program that does the thing with the thing, we need someone to ask.
That's where we come in. Your Way Software is more than just a software development company, we're your contact for all things IT. From apps to websites to custom software to technical support, if it blinks we can help you. Our site is going to be more than just a "look what we can do for you", it's a resource to answer your questions. So do a search, browse a bit, click the chat at the bottom of the screen, say Hello because we are here to help.

The Grand Plan website is a complete website system built in WordPress.

Our Work

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Your Brand


For many people, a website is the first point of contact they will have with your company. It needs to be well defined and easy to navigate. Learn more about how we can assist with your online presence.


We all live on our phones so it makes sense to have an app for your business for your most valued customers. Our business apps reflect the clean layout and well-defined structure of your website.

Custom System

Every business is unique. Where you work, how you work and the products and services you provide make you distinctive. So not every business application is going to meet your needs. Some have more than you need, some just don’t have enough. Contact us today for a bespoke system tailored to your business processes.

Technical Support

Printer not working? Internet up and down like a yo-yo? Windows not loading? Is your Mac running slow? Whatever your technical problem is we can help. We provide both on-site and remote technical support to keep your business and your home running smoothly.

Marketing and SEO

We not only provide current digital marketing and SEO techniques to help your business be found, but we also guide you through the process so you can maintain it your self. Marketing is not just a set-and-forget process, it is a daily task. Like exercise, the more you do, the better you will look.


What makes Apple, Google, and Microsoft so distinctive? It’s not just the products and services they provide, it is also the fonts and colors they use and the way they present their message. Your brand is just as important as your name. Speak with our branding team to find out how you can make a great name into a memorable one.

Social Media

Social networks don’t just let us keep in contact with our family, or show the best views of our holiday, they also provide a way for you to promote your products and services. You don’t need an influencer to build your business online, you just need the right content. Our web, mobile and branding teams are here to help build your social media presence.

Domain and Hosting

With all the ongoing costs of running a business, having an online presence should not cost an arm and a leg. That is why we offer domain (web name) and hosting (files, images, videos, email) options for you and your business. Speak to one of our friendly staff members about setting up an online space for your business today.


Is it a real human or is it a bot? A lot of businesses use a bot to start a conversation and then alert the business so that a human can continue the conversation. We can help set up a bot on your website to work with you and your business.


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Our Tech Stack


We offer a range of services with no set fixed or hourly price as each service can have a range of options. We don’t hide costs though and will provide a full list of all expenses before work begins so you can plan your budget accordingly. We also offer staged completion of the work along with staged payments.

A simple website with a standard template can be up and running within a couple of days, allowing you to add your content when you are able too. To get on the front page of Google can take some time though. A mobile app can take as little as a couple of months or several years of development depending on how complex it is. Before we start any work we give you an estimate of the time and associated costs.

Not yet. We are looking into the best way to offer domain name registration, web and email hosting, as well as data backup for both business and personal use.

The Content

It is easy to install WordPress, select a template and call it a website. It takes time though to plan out what you want to display on the website, the overall structure, the page layouts, how it interacts with social media, the keywords you want to be associated with your business and many other factors affecting your online presence. A high-quality website does not come together in an afternoon, which is why we have a question and answer section to help you plan out your site.

The process of turning a web design into a web site can take some time when built from scratch. Fortunately, there are a lot of time-saving plugins available to help get the basic structure of a website up and running. By using a pre-built system like WordPress with existing plugins, we can build the core structure of your website, allowing us to focus on the more complex aspects of your website including marketing and SEO.

Being able to shop online has made life easier for everyone. Whether you offer a physical product or an on-going service, you can have an online system that manages all your payments. We recommend Paypal, Stripe or Square as payment options, but if you have a personal preference then we can integrate it into your system.

Throughout our site, we use a combination of commercial-free images from Pexels and personal photos. We offer the option of taking photos of your business, products, staff members and anything else you require to bring your site to life and separate it from the template-based sites available.

There are many options for building websites. You can hire someone to build a system from scratch, where every file is handwritten for minimal impact and maximum efficiency. Or you can use a pre-built system like WordPress which allows the use of custom made plugins. A WordPress site can be created within a matter of minutes once the domain and hosting package has been purchased. And because WordPress is used around the world, there is a lot of help and support available online from other WordPress users.

No one wants to be greeted by a wall of text. Our graphics team can make your system stand out with a personal branding package.

Just Do It. Think Different. Don’t leave home without it. Branding is more than a catchy slogan, it is the ability to see an image or hear a sound and instantly be reminded of a company, product or service. Our branding team can create a custom package that will outline fonts, colors, a slogan, and even a new business name if necessary to make you stand out from the sea of similar companies in your industry.

The Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not some magical unicorn that will make your website appear in the first listing on the first page of Google as soon as you launch. It is the process of designing your website in such a way that it provides quality content to users which will, in turn, make it easier to find online. Our SEO team works hard to provide quality, current content for your business and industry. It is an ongoing process that requires constant attention. Without food, we starve. Without content, our website becomes stale.

Having a website is a good start. Having an app helps as well. But being apart of the right social network can help you reach the right people who are looking for your products and services. Our team will guide you through each network and the pros and cons of each one. 

Less is more doesn’t just apply to actors, it applies to all facets of life including website, app and social network content. Our team will guide you through the right content for your products and services to reach your target audience.

From MySpace to Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, there are so many social networks to be apart of and keep on top of. To reach your target audience, we can guide you through posting to the right network, the current trends and how best to create the content so that it integrates from your website and app to your social networks.

There was a time when companies would be registered in the Yellow Pages or the local newspaper. For businesses, a print ad was necessary for people to find you. Today, Google provides a digital version so that when certain keywords are searched, your ad will appear. The process is a bit more complicated than the old newspaper ads so our team will guide you through the process and help you create the right ad for your business.

To help users find your business you can use the Google My Business site to list your company details. You can list your newly created website, provide photos of your products and services, and add holiday times for when you are away. Google My Business is another online tool to help people find your business and we are able to assist you with any questions you have.

There has been an increasing trend of chat windows on websites. These can be linked to your Facebook Messenger account with standard questions for when you are not available. They are a great lead generator and can assist you in helping potential customers in real-time.

If your business offers an online service, you can create a WordPress plugin that will integrate that service with user’s websites. Talk to our team today about ways that your services can work with people’s websites through the use of a custom WordPress plugin.

The Process

You have already made the first step. Now we have to start implementing your idea. To begin with, contact us to talk with one of our staff members, or meet with us in person and we can discuss with you your requirements. We can provide some guidance over the phone and the information we need to begin the design process for your website, app, custom system or other services you require for your business.

It’s easy to jump straight in and start building a system. But time can be lost with changes and modifications. Our design process is used to plan out your system, work through all the possible scenarios and make sure we have all the key information upfront before we start developing. If you don’t know where you are going, how do you know how to get there?

After planning out the project, organizing the stages, setting targets and dates and gathering all the required data and media, we begin developing the system. The time required to complete the system will be provided to you in an estimate before we begin. Then, as we develop, we will provide you with ongoing reviews and meetings to make sure that the work we have planned is still in line with your requirements. It is common during the development stage for more changes to occur which is why we only provide an estimate. This allows you the flexibility to make changes as we complete the system. To ensure that we can complete the system for you, any changes required will be estimated so you can decide if the additional costs are in line with your current requirements.

During the design stage, we create test plans in line with the user scenarios for your system. This allows us to find any edge cases where additional information or logic is required to make sure that all aspects of your system work in line with your business and your goals.

The most exciting part of the project is the launch. Knowing that everything is in place, is working as planned and has been thoroughly tested by everyone, makes the launch process easy and stress-free. Our team will create a list of launch tasks during the design stage so that by the launch date, all parties are confident of its success.

Like a car or a house, all online systems need maintenance to keep it current with changes to technology. We provide multiple on-going maintenance plans to give your business and your system every opportunity to succeed.


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